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Seeking after forbidden treasure? [entries|friends|calendar]
Jesska "Leadora"

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It's been a while, guys... [28 Sep 2008|03:16pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

It's been a long time, I know.

Many things have happened, but I've come to realize they were necessary to develop myself as a person.

Tony left me at the end of last month. I've been really roughing it, and if not for a special someone, I would've broken.

Many things led up to this, I realize. But it was all important in the scheme of things.

He failed to provide for me, and I lost interest. We failed to communicate. I left the door open, but he wouldn't intrude. So it all fell apart.

I just feel so alone now. I've been full of remorse and anger. I'm afraid it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

But there's been one person that's been my beacon of hope through all of this, and to him he has my thanks. If not for him, I would probably not be where I am.

If anyone's interested, my dolls are for sale. I'm running low on money and rent's coming up soon, and I haven't found a second job yet.

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Whoops. I converted. [29 Feb 2008|12:26am]
[ mood | emo ]

Due to most people I know having one, I started a Myspace.

Bug me there now, too, mmkay? Clicky.

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OH HOW ANNOYING IS THAT? [26 Feb 2008|10:48am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, Wowfiends, here's what looks like to be our Tier 7 armor sets. Paladins STILL haven't had anything as hawt as the Judgement Armor (Tier 2? *cry*), in my very humble opinion. I think the only "sweet" looking set is the Warrior. :X

...I just saw another video that totally brought enlightenment (WoW Dances -- cept it doesn't have all the characters--the female tauren, for instance. D: They do the electric slide). Blood Elf Male dance = Napoleon Dynamite. ZOMG. XD!! Gawd, I luff BE Men. And I'm going over the Leeroy Jenkins vid again. (LET'S DO THIS. LEEEERRROOOY JENKINSSS!)

See? Funny things happen on patch day! XD

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LAWLSAUCE [26 Feb 2008|07:37am]
[ mood | blah ]

Poo. The one time I get up early enough on a Tuesday, Blizzard decides to put in a patch. D: It ALWAYS happens.

Adorex has been helping me out with my quests in Nagrand as his hunter, and it seems to be working alright, except every now and then he has to log in to Adorex to ask me questions or say something (since the Horde and Alliance characters cannot communicate with words or typed emotes). Hopefully I'll be hitting the shining 70 soon-- I'm about two-fifths away from 68.

But yeah, I may roll an Alliance soon-- a draenai shaman. I've picked out everything about her; I'm just waiting until I get my own account to create her.

I visited the doctor this week and she said my allergic breakouts could be from my laundry detergent and irritation from my thyroid. D: No new meds, thankfully, but it's still no less annoying.

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Hey, I'm alive. [20 Feb 2008|12:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I've been alive. Just trying to WoW my ass to 70, since I'm on the home stretch. (Hit 66 last night... OIYA.)

I've been drawing more, but the last couple of days have yielded artistic impotence. And most of my subjects have been from World of Warcraft, no doubt. XD

In that realm, I've also found out I may get to meet my guild leader, his sister, and their mother (who also plays) in August! :D I'm really pumped about that.

As for A-Kon, I'm also in a fudge. We haven't made plans yet (particularly because we're about to drop a grand on a new laptop for moi) and I probably won't have a costume this year, unless I totally BS an easy one. Or wear a previous one. I'll probably still do Link with Tony at times, because that one's so easy and fun to wear, and my hair's about the right length-- I just need to *GASP* dye it.

Work has been very MEH. Thankfully, my boss has shortened my week by cutting me out a day, so I'm only doing four days a week. It's pretty nice. Tony also got a second job working for Wal-Mart again. Oiya. The guy's just a workhorse, and the extra cash wouldn't hurt.

Cadbury Creme Eggs ftw.

I'm also giving up on my sculpting attempts, because I seriously blow when it comes to sculpting. :\ So I broke down and bought Daisy some tenshi wings. <3

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Mew. [21 Jan 2008|04:25am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm at the parents' house doing laundry right now. Tired of retarded old cowboy movies that my dad's fond of. :P So I'm here.

Anyway, I got the week off, so I could totally relax and recover from all the hell I've been going through the last few months. I see Dr. B tomorrow, so I hope that helps.

And yeah, my apeshit over husband thing has worn off.

I'm having daily allergic breakouts, and it totally sucks. As of last night, even taking a shower isn't helping anymore. I had to have Tony apply Benadryl cream to my back so it would stop. I don't know what's causing this, and I really wish it would go away. D:

In WoW news, I got to walk my happy ass through the Dark Portal. I've reached the tender age of 58 and now feel pretty insignificant again. :\ I also made the trek to Shattrath without dying. Go me! It was pretty funny. I wouldn't stop-- I just kept running through mobs until I hit a safe spot (where they'd reset to their original places), heal, and keep running. I also got my first glowy sexy weapon the other day. XD I got it in BRD, and it's a big pitchfork with extra fire damage and stuffs. It's definately ftw. Lea's awfully fond of polearms.

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[ mood | infuriated ]

Oh my fucking god. I never get a damn day off. Everytime I do, somehow Tony fucking comes home to ruin it. Guess what happened today? Just that. "Oh, I could get off early, so I did." WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK? WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?


I just screamed at him, and he left. So there.

Ugh. I don't know where he's going, or what he's doing.

I'm just pissed.

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Payback = pwned [08 Jan 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | excited ]

Our guild on Wow had made some recent changes. We decided to merge guilds with another and we got the trash that came along with the other guild. :P Well, things are starting to look bad for the merger, and most of the people are leaving (THANK GAWD). Anyway, a week or so ago, one guy that came with the merger basically told me I was a sad existence because I try and play WoW so much. (Hypocrite much?) Anyway, he'd finally left recently (with three others), and guess whose guild he goes to? The guild my husband's like, fourth in command of, Fluffy Bunnies. XD So last night, the husband talks to either third or second in command about the issue, and he does something about it. They made a special rank just for those four. XD I laughed so hard for like... 15 minutes. See, in Fluffy Bunnies, they have "rabbity" rank names, and thus created the rank "Pubic Hare" just for those four. I died. I know it's so immature, but payback's a bitch and I love to bask in her glory. :D

Anyway. Tony goes and sees Dr. B today. :) I'm glad, because Dr. B totally rocks.

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Bleh. [06 Jan 2008|01:34pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Last night, I hop into Blackrock Depths (an insanely long instance) on WoW, and when we make it to the first boss, I grab a snack. That is when I first realize I cannot swallow without putting in a lot of effort. ;__; Four hours later, the problem is persisting, and I start to panic. So off to the ER we went. We wait two hours, I calm down, and the problem fades a bit. Seeing as the ER was busy, we were released and I get some much-needed sleep.

I'm okay today, so far. It still feels swollen (my tongue, come to find out. ;__;), but I can swallow much better.

I just hate going to the doctor, in dread that they'd diagnose me with something new. I mean, Jesus... I'm already taking four pills on a daily basis! I'm 22, and this shouldn't be happening, dammit. I am too young for all this crap.

I started sculpting a wing yesterday, while doing laundry at the parents' house. It is in dire need of sanding, but I'm going to wait for the paperclay to dry. :\ I wish I had something to help give it more shape (i.e., I want the wing kind of curled, but right now it's flat), but I suppose this is just a test to see if I can actually produce something decent.

I've also been inspired enough to come up with a fic on how Leadora traveled from Volain (KotL) to Azeroth (WoW). It's going well, I guess. When I type it out, I'll post it to her journal.

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Flying on HAPPY! [31 Dec 2007|08:19pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

The only thing that could cheer me up after my 12-hour shift today was seeing that key in our mailbox. AND IMMEDIATELY SCRAMBLING OUTSIDE WITH SAID KEY TO THE LOCKBOX THAT HELD MY PUKIPUKI. OH MAH FREAKIN' GAWD. They're not just CUTE, but they're UBER POSABLE. They HOLD poses. WITHOUT ANY KIPS. *dies* I'd take pictures, but my camera already hates Mags. And this little one's her size, kinda. No zoom. D:

And then today I learn I've won! :D Won what, you ask?! I get to trade Daisy's body for a Yo-Tenshi body! :D:D:D:D I ALWAYS WANTED A TENSHI!! <3 *spamhappyspamspam!* I don't think it'll come with wings, but who cares! I've been devising a scheme to MAKE my own tenshi wings, and if they are liked by other people, perhaps sell them! (I may be bothering you a little, batchix, but I'm mostly staying to the advise you've already given as well as that on DoA-- It's not like I'm sculpting a doll. Just a challenging little project!)

....Anywho. The day got brighter once I got home, of course. :)

Maybe I'll come up with dollspam. Then again, I still have BJDC pictures on my camera. o_O; Jeebus.

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NO DOLLEH?! [30 Dec 2007|01:36pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I stalked our little mail pickup area yesterday, and I'm convinced the mail did not run yesterday. We got nada. Not even a scrap of a bill. So I'm quite frustrated, ya see? I work a 12-hour shift Monday, which is going to be hell. HELL. So even if she comes on Monday, I won't SEE her until 6:30pm (Unless it gets very slow and I ask the manager consistently what I need to do, and they'd send me home early-- which is what I'm hoping for). Piss.

I'm a step closer to doing something I'd always wanted to do. If the deal with Daisy falls through, I'll gladly divulge in this little dream of mine. :3 If not, then no big worry. It'll come to pass someday.

I still need to get you a Christmas gift, V. o__o;; I got C's, but not yours. So, um... what did you want/need? AND you guys had better count on being at A-Kon this year. Because C's is basically taking up half of our dining room table. XD

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S'been a while, I know. [29 Dec 2007|11:25am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Oooh. Dolly news. The new little one should be here TODAY. X3 I hope she gets here! And Daisy (my YSD Papi) may be going through a transformation. More details on that if the deal goes through. :3

In other news, I'm in debt. XD It's not a hard climb out, though. I blame it on the Christmas junk.

Speaking of Christmas junk, Tony's mom got me a computerized sewing machine. O_O; Like holy whoa. I haven't taken it out of the box yet, because I'm not sure where I'm going to set it up yet... but I'm rather anxious to start playing with it. X3

Wow news, I'm level 50. Went on my first raid the other night and we leveled the Alliance town of Sentinel Hill. Then we moved on to bigger territory and got owned. XD It was great. And my guild finally got a vent! :D We can talk to each others now! Also, I was a geek and picked up the "Feast of Winter Veil" TCG box from Gamestop and was lucky enough to get the "King Mukla" card. :3 So Lea has a monkey pet now! I would shit myself if I got the "Spectral Tiger" card, though. I tried Arathi Basin the other night because Falcar (my guild leader) talked me into it and I was lagging so bad I couldn't even attack. XD I ended up with three badges, though. Hahaha! I'll have to try it again when it's not so prone to lag.

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LULZ I R GEEK. [15 Dec 2007|11:54am]
[ mood | okay ]

Well, yesterday got a bit scary. I get a call at work from Tony and he said he'd been taken to the hospital because he had one of his panic attacks. So, naturally, I start panicking, I get off from work, and meet them at the pharmacy. He's fine now, and they've put him on Lexapro, so hopefully that'll help.

In lieu of that, we decided to exchange our Christmas presents to each other early. X3 I got him the WoW Priest Shirt and Horde Shirt (I, of course, ordered myself a Pally shirt with it, since Hot Topic is retarded and only has the Rogue, Hunter, and Warlock shirts) and the Dungeon Companion II. And what does he bring out for me? Manga: Rozen Maiden #6, Return to Labyrinth #2, and the WoW: Burning Crusade guide. XDDDD;

I also jumped off on a limb and bought an iPod Shuffle yesterday. <3 I'm so tired of fiddling with my shitty CD player.

I've also gotten back into a jigsaw puzzle kick and decided to get a new one. It's one of those "mystery" types, where you solve the mystery by putting it together (uh,duh), and the picture isn't consistent with the cover. I'd say I've gotten it about 20% done. :\

Anywho. Three more days until I see the end of Le Chevalier D'Eon. May the blood flow.

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Meh. [06 Dec 2007|11:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wooo. Freight day today = sore me. I could go into a big work rant, but I don't feel like it. :\ You can quit cheering now.

I stayed WoW-free today, and instead went through a marathon of Le Chevalier D'Eon with Tony, since he needs to catch up before the ZOMG LAST VOLUME COMES OUT DECEMBER 18TH! We'll probably do Volume 4 and 5 tomorrow night. :) And speaking of this incredible anime (seriously, check it the fuck out), I've decided upon my cosplay for next year's A-Kon. I'll be doing D'Eon when he is first possessed by Lia. The only thing I think I'll have trouble with is making the costume, and then having to destroy part of it. ;___; D'Eon gets a nasty wound in that fight, and I'll need to emulate that. Fake blood ftw. It shouldn't be a terribly hard costume overall. It's no Princess Zelda, but I think it'll be cool. XD I've even got Tony pumped into it and he's thinking about doing Durand. (And I'll be getting a sewing machine for Christmas. Tony's mom ftw.)

I also ordered up some wigs from aishiteru on DoA and she's sending me a free wig! X3 This little one's going to be rotten, I can tell. If I can ever find her clothes. Um. Because. Most Kelly clothes suck? Yes.

I've been overall cheerful today, though. It's very rare that I feel that way nowadays. :)

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Ding! [01 Dec 2007|11:54am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well, I've hit the landmark Level 40 in WoW. I love being a paladin, because that means I learn Summon Warhorse, and I get a horse to ride. I still bought my chocobo hawkstrider, but I'm not going to be riding it much. :\ It's hard to look serious riding an oversized ostrich. Srsly.

I also finally got to use the rice cooker evilchibic and legolitus's sister got for me as a wedding gift. X3 It's really nice. I made curry the other night. It was pretty meh for me, but Tony really liked it.

I got to order a new chunk of resin! X3 I'm finally getting a Pukipuki! It won't be here 'til next year, but still. PUKIPUKI! I've already ordered two wigs for her. XD I can't wait to get to play with mine, because the posability on these little guys is like, whoa. Delph got in his pants that I ordered like, two months ago. I might also be getting together with someone soon to see about getting Caly's faceup redone. It just isn't really "him" anymore. He's more emo now. XD I blame it on Ein.

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Mutant Trailer Trash Babies! :D [22 Nov 2007|06:25am]
[ mood | crazy ]

My mom's cat Mabel had kittens about a month ago. Today I picked one up, and noticed something was horribly wrong. THESE KITTENS HAVE 6-7 TOES ON EACH FOOT WTF! (I had heard of it, I think from meo, but hadn't actually seen it!) Okay, two are /normal/, with the four main toes, and the "thumb" toe. The rest are little squishy fluffball freaks of nature! :D I'm thinking about taking one home with us once they're big enough. XD *bricked* I wish I had my camera, srsly.

I suppose it comes to no surprise that I'm still playing WoW. XD Level 37 and still flyin'. THREE MORE LEVELS UNTIL I GET MY MOUNT~~~ And the levels seem to be going by pretty quickly. :) Those runs to SM are really good... except one group last night kept calling me a 'he' (i.e., "I'm sure he didn't mean to pull aggro"... ugh.), and were total asshats. I was sorely tempted to go over VC and correct them. D: I also won my first duel last night. I duelled this guy three times, beating him each time. Holy Paladin > Priest. We were both 37, btw. :)

I'm also thinking about what we're going to be doing with our tax return money next year. We'll probably put his back, since his'll be a nice lump. :) Mine can be used for a few things: XBOX 360, Tony's Elfdoll Soah, or a new computer.

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Ah, Pukipuki. [09 Nov 2007|03:08pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I have gone gaga over the PukiPuki line from Fairyland (except Sugar.... she creeps me out), and I think we're going to try for getting a Pipi. :3

Anyway, in WoW news, my Pally hit 32 today. I've been doing more instances, and thus, have been actually levelling! Questing is starting to drag, because people your level so rarely help you out unless they have an Epic'd 70 lying around. They find the challenge too tough and move on. I'm so bullheaded, I HAVE TO GET RID OF THIS QUEST OUT OF MY QUEUE, PLZ. >_< I was SO DAMN PROUD of myself this morning. I TB'ed a quest because I couldn't find the place it took place in, read the comments about how hard the quest was (but they were complaining about it being hard for rogues) and got a bit discouraged (OMG. I'm going to die, like, three times before giving up), but I took it nice and slow, kited out the guards (mostly in twos), and killed off everyone (and then they respawn, of course. u__u), took on some level 35s, and LIVED THE WHOLE TIME! XD I had a few close calls, that's for sure... but I find it an indication that I am starting to get to know my character and her abilities better. I also seem to have a stalker-noob. >_< I'll call him Lich, for the sake of being nice, but two nights ago, we were with him in an instance and he was being an idiot. Then last night in Org, he was trying to sell a crappy sword and kept changing his prices. Then this morning, he's all like, "Wanna go to BFD?" ;___; Nooooo. That's one friend's list I don't wanna be on!

Anyway, if you made it through that silly rant, you get a gold star! XD;

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Quick: How am I? [29 Oct 2007|12:24pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I've not been up to much. Frantically working and playing WoW. That sums it up. :D My paladin is up to 25, two bars from 26, so I'm doing well there. Got shafted twice in groups to Shadowfang Keep; they'd abandon me and crap (even when we MADE IT TO THE FINAL BOSS, wtf?) so I've learned a lot about the social structure (or lack thereof). Highly addictive game, still.

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Life this week [05 Oct 2007|09:10pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So life this week hasn't been too bad. Been playing WoW pretty regularly, even though my character is still at Level 11.

Two days ago, I go outside to go to work and find that my tire's flat. Fuck. So I got a new one today.

Tony's figured out that he wants an Elfdoll Soah.

So things haven't been too bad.

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Goodnewsish.... but taking a plunge! [30 Sep 2007|11:32am]
[ mood | predatory ]

Good news-- Last night I got enough gumption to open those doll boxes and take out all my dolls. <3 So we're having a nice step foward. I've fallen back in love with Daisy, so hrm. :3 She stays.

Also... I think I'm going to take a serious plunge. I'm going to start playing World of Warcrackcraft. o___o;; I know, WTF?

We've also cleaned up the second bedroom substantially, so our junk is now OFF THE FLOOR! I also have a bookcase crammed with plushies. <3 XD I love all my plushies. I was channel surfing this morning and found 'Wishbone' again. Anyone remember that show? I LOVED it as a kid. And BOOM. Wishbone plushie. X3

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